If you’re about health & wellness – I want IN!


I create cracking content for health and wellness entrepreneurs.

Natural therapy centres, naturopaths, coaches, counsellors who are passionate about contributing to a happier world need healthy words.

Words to keep in touch.

Words to inspire, educate and delight.

Words to illuminare expertise.

I find the words for these businesses to tell their stories of healthy inspiration. I can help you too.


You’re amazing at what you do – I get that.

You don’t have the time and/or the knack of creating sizzling content  – I get that.

You want your work to shine and make a positive impact – yup, got it.

You need help to let the world know about your brand of awesome-sauce, right?




That’s where I come in – I get it!


I can top up your awesomeness with:

Writing that POPS!

Clear messaging.

Words that speak your unique story.

Words to keep you top-of-mind.

Now it’s up to you to decide exactly where your business needs a healthy dose of words:

Nifty newsletter/blog words.

 A regular newsletter delivered right to your tribe’s in-box or a blog post on your website is a fantastic way to stay in touch. Newsletters are the perfect vehicle to deliver real value to your client and keep you top-of-mind. SEO savvy blog posts drive potential customers to your site. Once there, visitors are likely to take a look around to get to know you and your services, and hopefully, fall in love and spend money with you!
Feature articles in your newsletter or blog are an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, opinions and personality. Short and snappy articles of 300-500 words work well.


1-off article (up to 500 words) – $177
1 x regular article per month – $157
2 x regular newsletters per month – $147
4 x regular newsletters per month – $137
(prices are per newsletter, on a 4 month agreement)

Savvy social words.

Let’s get savvy with your social media! Regular bites of engaging content delight your fans, encourage sharing and boost your visibility.
Packages start at $288 per month for 1 x Facebook post per day.

Wanted website words.

Your website is the online home for your business. Just like a real home, it should feel comfy and reflect your true spirit and personality. I can help you find the right words to reflect your uniqueness, while mindfully creating a welcoming vibe for your ideal clients.
Review your existing words – from $425 for three pages.
Write your words from scratch – from $725 for three pages (e.g. home, about, work with me)

Bangin’ bio words.

A cleverly crafted biography captures the skills, sass and experience that are unique to you. Plaster this baby all over the place and watch your street-cred soar! Use your bio on professional profiles, introduction letters and guest post appearances. Includes a condensed version perfect for your ‘elevator pitch’.
Fees: $177.

Ready to chat about your words?

Let's do it.