My writing style:

Infused with genuine warmth, down to earth language and a quip here and there, my writing style is easy-to-understand and approachable. My words reflect a heart-felt desire to radiate messages of wellness, happiness and joy out into the world!

(If your work is all about healing and helping, I want IN!)

My words echo the tone I would use to speak to a friend – down-to-earth, fun and sparking thoughtful exchange.

My zone of genius is 500 words or less.  Waffle and fluff are not my thing. I drill down to one or two key ideas and explain them in plain and simple language.

Your expertise + my words = messages to inspire action and positive change!

My story:

I’ve always loved words – reading, writing, and figuring out the most effective and economical way to make a point. I love the comfort of written words – their textures on a page (oh, how old school!) and the way sounds bump and loll around in my head. I’m a swooner for alliteration and a good rhyming pun.

I’m equally passionate about living a vibrant, lit-up life. I like to move well (yoga, kid chasing and dog walking). I fuel my body and soul with healthy food, relationships and adventure. I’m curious about creating crazy-good health from the inside out- curating my own blend of nourishment, movement and mindset to be the very best version of ME.

Seeking change from a corporate working life (marketing and account service) I set forth on the bendy road to become a qualified yoga instructor. (See what I did there, ‘bendy’ road? Words are fun, right??). Off the sticky mat,  I began writing about yoga and other healthy practices. I started with a newsletter and blog for my students and soon morphed into something bigger – including guest posts and articles for several well-known wellness publications and blogs. I was (and still am) hooked on spreading the message of wellness through words! I practice yoga daily and still teach – see

I believe we can all help create a happier, healthier world. I believe my contribution is through creating messages that are simple, honest and inspire positive action.

I share my current home in Newcastle, NSW with 3 pork-chops (aka kids), a handsome hubster and a boofer of a kelpie-cross called Mitch.

Want to know more?

  • I have a secret wish to go on ‘Family Feud’..
  • I’m an over-thnker and a recovering worrier.
  • In 2009 we packed up our home and 2 year old twins to move to Canada. We landed back home 5 years later with a penchant for poutine and our very own baby Canadian in tow.
  • I love to travel and have visited 25+ countries, with a bunch more on the bucket list.
  • My handsome hubster is 5 years younger than me.
  • We have a shed-load of books in our home. Said handsome hubster showcases all his high-brow literature on the ‘good shelves’, my chick-lit and ‘hippy’ books are housed out of sight down the hallway…
  • I happily confess to being an introvert, but I’m not shy.
  • I love a good bullet list!

The fancy list of qualifications

  • BA Communications
  • Certificate in Marketing Practice
  • Advanced Diploma Yoga Teacher Training
My corporate background includes roles in marketing, public relations and advertising. I’m also a business owner at Bronni Page Yoga.