Yes you do. 5 ‘reality-check’ reasons you need a business blog

Argh…When you have a business there is SO MUCH to do, right? And it’s not just doing the thing you are good at – it’s the marketing, filling the paper tray, tracking costs and doing the coffee run – right again?

With so many necessary tasks to help your business thrive, I totally understand the temptation to skip a couple. I mean, I haven’t filled my paper tray in years! (Thanks Officeworks Click n Collect)

Of all the tasks you could *potentially* do without in your business, the truth is, blogging isn’t one of them.

Grab a cuppa and let me share 5 reasons why you need a blog for your business.

1. Blog posts entice visitors to your website

Search engines (like Google) love fresh content, so posting a blog regularly increases your chances of getting seen by potential clients/customers.  You can further boost your chances by including relevant keywords within the body, headline and sub-headings of your post. (Keywords? WTF? This blog post will help you understand a little better)

2. Blog content helps you communicate and build relationships with clients

I like to think of blog posts (and email newsletters) as an opportunity to engage in a 2-way conversation with both existing and potential clients. You get to add a little more value to the conversation by sharing your ideas and information via a blog post. Plus, you can get a bit more personal by including anecdotes and examples, and you can ask readers what they think by leaving a comment, encouraging interaction. (Don’t forget to reply to your reader comments. I mean, that’s just good manners!)

3. Blogs allow your expertise to shine

Want to be seen as an expert in your field? A key way to do this is to teach people something within your zone of genius, and a blog is a perfect format to do just that.

4. Blogs beef up your content 

Think of a blog post as a staple item in your pantry. Rice, let’s say. Rice is pretty good on it’s own, but add a few ingredients and you can create endless dishes. Same idea with a blog post. Slice it up to create bite-sized social media posts, record it and send to your email subscribers as a mini-podcast, or combine with other blog posts to produce an E-book. When you put your creative hat on, you’ll find dozens of ways to use one blog post, saving you time.

5 Blogs show you are serious

In the business world, it’s pretty much expected that every business website has a blog. Taking the time to create blog posts on the regular shows you are serious about your business, building relationships and playing big. It also shows that you are serious and passionate about your area of expertise, so much so that you want an avenue to share your knowledge.

Ready to put on your blogging pants?

I get it. Blogging can seem like another tiresome task to add to your already overflowing to-do list. But, what’s the saying, you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs?? Nah, I don’t think that’s it..

The truth is, keeping your website fresh with regular blog content will help your business and expertise thrive, so hop to it!

And if you need a little ‘recipe’ to make blog writing easier, make sure you grab a copy of my E-Book Get Seen, Get Noticed, Get Read.

Really can’t face doing the blog work? Get in touch, perhaps you’re ready to hand over the task to me!

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