Fire up your ‘About’ page & attract more customers.

Move over, home page! Your website’s ‘About’ page is where it’s at! After glossing over your Home page, visitors are clicking through to find out all ‘about’ you more than ever! Humans possess an innate need to know, like and trust someone before deciding to befriend/ share a taxi with/ or buy, and your About page is just the spot to show ‘em what you’ve got.

A little warmer and fuzzier than your Home page, your ‘About’ page is the perfect place to strike up a friendly, informative conversation to start the ball rolling – a conversation that could lead to a beautiful (and profitable!) relationship!

The words that make up this conversation need to clearly state:
. who you are
. who you help
. how you help; and
. proof that you are crazy good at what you do!  

Nail that, and you are well on the way to attracting perfect-for-you clients.

Feeling stuck already? Take a breath, my friend. This ‘fill in the blanks’ template is a solid starting point:

Hi. I’m (your name). I help (describe your ideal customer in a few words) by (how do you help them?)

For example –

Hi. I’m Bronni. I help wellness business owners wow their customers with words, by taking over the writing for them.

Or something like that…

But before you get excited about telling the world all about you and your awesomeness, let’s get one thing straight: a hard-working, sales-making About page is not actually about you at all – it’s about THEM!

Put your potential customer in the starring role. Sure, she wants to know about you, but not as much as she needs to feel that you completely understand exactly what she’s looking for and that you can meet that need perfectly.

Here’s what your ideal customer really wants to know:

What’s in it for me?
Sure, you can talk about your pet cat and the 17 framed qualifications on your wall, but the first big aim of your About page is to make it crystal clear what she’s gonna get from you. Talk about the benefits she will gain from working with you. Will your thing give her more time/ clearer skin/ less mess? Spell out what your thing delivers in plain, simple language.

Why should I pick you?
It’s quite possible that she can buy your thing from someone else, so what makes you so special? Toot your horn, baby! Awards, testimonials and glowing reviews are gold here. Talk about your experience, what you do differently to your competitors and share what clients have said about working with you.

Mention your qualifications according to their relevance. I mean, if I’m researching a new dentist, I want to know that he’s been to Uni and looked in a country towns worth of gobs before I get in the chair. But if I’m in the market for new kids lunch boxes I don’t care where you went to Uni – I’m more impressed by reviews from other Mums who loved your product and that you can deliver my items quickly.

Do I like you?
Let’s face it, we want to hang and spend $ with people that we like and can relate to. Of course, not everyone is going to like you, and that’s OK. Tell your story (briefly and succinctly) and give a glimpse of your personality so that your reader can find some common ground. Talk about your hobbies/ family or whatever give a little insight into the real you. We humans are curious creatures – we want to interact with real people, not just a shopping cart. You can also demonstrate this ‘realness’ with a photo or simply list ‘10 fun facts about me’.

What do I do now?
If your reader has made it this far, you’ve won half the battle. (High-five!) She gets what you do, recognises that you can help her, and, she likes you! (no surprise really, you’re pretty amazing, right?)

So don’t leave her hanging. What do you want her to do? Buy now? Book a session? Contact me? Make it super-clear what the next step is, and make it ‘toddler-easy’ to do.

Feeling clear about your ‘About’ page now? I hope so. You may even feel ready to tackle writing your own! But if not, fear not! Give me a shout and perhaps I can help you make a start.

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  1. Celia says:

    Great post! Some wonderful tips and I definitely need to go back and refine my about page. I love how you suggest to have an action at the bottom – seems so obvious now.

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