When you’re ‘not a writer’ it’s easy to feel lost for words. It’s all too hard, your ideas are boring, too ordinary, and let’s not forget the self-doubt infused ‘who am I to be writing about anything anyway’?

Truthbomb – you are a writer.

Ever written a shopping list?

A birthday card?

A book review in primary school?


Yep, that makes you a writer!

You can write, and you bloody well should! You have something to say, yes? You 100% deserve to be heard, and the world needs to hear your words! No, scratch that. Seriously, you don’t even need to reach the whole world. If the words on your blog post, email newsletter, FB post, old-school flyer or product review delight, inform, enrage, motivate or inspire just a couple of people, you’ve made an impact, and isn’t that worth it?

Here are 6 fuss-free ways write, even if you feel writing is not your thing:

1. Write a list.
Seeing you already know how to write a shopping list, you’re halfway there. For a bangin’ list keep it simple, short (10 tips or less is fine) and inject your own flavour. Play with adjectives (describing words) to glam up your list title. ‘5 juicy hip-opening yoga poses for runners’, 3 practical tips to sleep better tonight’. ( www.thesaurus.com is your friend here!)

Your list may comprise:

  • top tips
  • secrets
  • essentials
  • reasons
  • must-do’s
  • don’ts

and so on.

Bulleted or numbered lists are great as they cater to ‘scanners’ – readers who prefer to scan text quickly to absorb the main gist. Visually, lots of space on the page around words make them easier to read and comprehend. Plus, as a writer, (that’s you, remember?) creating a list forces you cut the waffle and get to the point economically and succinctly.

2. Tell your story.
Humans love stories, and we’ve all got at least one worth telling! Pen a few paragraphs about how you came to be doing the work that you do.  What do you like about it? What drives you crazy? Although the story is yours, resist making it all about you. Share your most valuable take-aways from your experience with your readers so they may learn something from you.

3. Tell someone else’s story.
Share a case study about one of your clients. Get their permission first, of course, and/or change the names. What brought them to you? What results did they get from working with you? What challenges did they face and overcome? Explain what makes this person so special and interesting.

4. Share a recipe or .…
If you work with food, this one’s a no-brainer. But think outside the square. For instance, if you’re all about fitness, share an exercise sequence or routine, or describe a step-by-step process that you use in your business.

5. Let the pictures do the talking.
Get visual to tell your story or take your readers on a ‘behind the scenes’ journey with a photographic essay. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words, right? Slide shows, video or simply a few photos can often tell a story better than words.

6. Show ‘em how to do it.
Offer a tutorial or ‘how to guide’ to demonstrate something your readers struggle with.

The last word..
Really, you can’t go wrong when you write from your heart. Authenticity trumps typos and bad grammar every time. So, my friend, get brave, put on your writer’s hat, and get writing!

Over to you, my friend…
So, what are you going to write? Let me know in the comment.


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