Stuck for words for your blog? Stop writing and hire a copywriter.

Hey – have I caught you procrastinating? Maybe you’ve just sat down to finally write that blog post (it’s been over a month, right?) only to be faced with a blank page, a blank mind and a blinking cursor, waiting like an eager puppy for you to fill the page with juicy wisdom for your community.

Perhaps you’re even feeling annoyed that you don’t know what to write on your blog. After all, you’re an expert, right? Plus, there are 100 other things that your business needs you to do today – clients to serve, meetings to attend, stock to be counted…

How about you close the document, make a cup of tea and try again next month. Who needs to blog anyway, huh?

Hold up there, friend. You know your business needs a blog to thrive, plus it’s a great way to showcase your expertise and deliver your message to the world. Well, I’ve got three words for you that will change the game and get you feeling good about blogging again –  hire a copywriter!

A copywriter is someone who’s good with words. An amazing copywriter* is someone who loves to discover what makes your business tick and translates that into compelling written messages to inspire, engage and delight your audience. (So much so that they want to buy your products and services and hear from you regularly – kerr-ching!)

Here are five reasons you should hire a copywriter to create blog content for you:

  • Get a new perspective
    A different pair of eyes on your business will likely unearth some interesting tidbits that can be woven into fresh, impactful words for your audience. A copywriter can inject vibrancy and put a new, improved spin into concepts that may seem ho-hum to you but intrigue your readers.
  • Save time
    For the love of quinoa – stop wasting time on a task you hate and simply outsource it! When you stick to your own zone of genius and let the magic fairies do the writing, you’ll free up time and energy to do what you do best.
  • Get to the top
    A regular blog will reward you with top-of-mind status amongst your audience. If you go the DIY route, it’s likely your messages will appear inconsistently and you’ll fall off your client’s radar. A polished blog post or newsletter article that shows up regularly strengthens the impression that you are a professional, organised business owner that knows her stuff and cares about her community.
  • Get clear
    Your readers may not be as familiar with key concepts and explanations as you are. An amazing copywriter can translate industry ‘jargon’ into digestible, bite-size ideas that your everyday client can easily take in.
  • Get value
    When you hire a copywriter you can use the finished article in multiple ways, multiple times. Simply cut and paste for your email newsletter, post the whole thing to your social media accounts or slice n dice to use a key point or two for shorter, snappier appearances.

So go ahead, close down your blank document, enjoy that cup of tea and
hire a copywriter – you’ll be glad you did!

* You want the amazing one. Do I know anyone? Glad you asked. ME! I’d love to help you! Get in touch at and let’s chat about how I can take over your words and get you bangin’ results!


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